Abridged Life Tables For Japan 2005

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


II. Survival situation in the life table

  In the abridged life tables for 2005, the number of survivors at age 65 is 85,606 for males and 93,069 for females in a stationary population supported by 100,000 annual live births. These facts lead that the survival ratio until age 65 is 85.6% for males and 93.1% for females. In the same way, it follows that the survival ratio until age 80 is 55.0% for males and 76.8% for females.
  The number of stationary population from age 0 is 7,853,104 for males and 8,548,580 for females. The number of stationary population from age 65 is 1,549,936(19.7%) for males and 2,155,750(25.2%) for females. These facts lead that ratio of total person-years from age 65 to total person-years from age 0 is 19.7% for males and 25.2% for females.
  The median length of life, which means the age when exactly half of the cohort remain alive, is 81.49years for males and 88.27 years for females.

Table 3. Survival ratio until specified ages

   Table 4. Total person-years from age 65 ratio

Table5 The median length of life