Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Handbook of Health and Welfare Statistics 2022

Part 3 Social welfare

Chapter 2 Child Welfare and Maternal Welfare

Table 3-12 Number and percentage distribution of households ; Average number of children by with / without child / number of children, by year (Excel:13KB)
Table 3-13 Average income, average number of household members, average number of working household members by with/without and number of children (Excel:12KB)
Table 3-14 Number of cases received or supported by child guidance center; number of cases handled by welfare office in relation to child welfare by fiscal year (Excel:11KB)
Table 3-15 Number of cases supported by child guidance center (Abuse cases) by fiscal year (Excel:16KB)
Table 3-16 Number of foster families and children placed with foster families by fiscal year (Excel:12KB)
Table 3-17 Number of Day Care Centers, capacity, number of enrolled children, ratio of enrollment by public-private, by year (Excel:12KB)
Table 3-18 Number of Day Care Centers by public-private, time of opening, time of closing and business hours (Excel:12KB)
Table 3-19 Number of non-registered childcare facilities, business, and enrolled children, by type (Excel:11KB)
Table 3-20 Number of child-care allowance recipients by number of recipient children and household type (Excel:12KB)
Table 3-21 Number of special child-care benefit recipients and number of recipient disabled children by fiscal year (Excel:13KB)
Table 3-22 Number of cases in which the payment of benefit is approved and decided for a physically disabled child, premature infant, or child with tuberculosis by fiscal year (Excel:12KB)
Table 3-23 Situation of child allowance payment, by year (Excel:12KB)

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