Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Handbook of Health and Welfare Statistics 2021

Part 2 Health

Chapter 1 Health

Table 2-1 Average nutrient intake per capita per day by year (Excel:12KB)
Table 2-2 Average food intake per capita per day by food group, by year (Excel:13KB)
Table 2-3 Status of alcohol use, smoking and exercise by year (Excel:13KB)
Table 2-4 Status of blood pressure by sex and age group (Excel:11KB)
Table 2-5 Status of obesity (BMI) by sex and age group (Excel:12KB)
Table 2-6 Mean height and body weight by sex and age, by year (Excel:13KB)
Table 2-7 Status of physical development of schoolchildren by age, by fiscal year (Excel:13KB)
Table 2-8 Number of licensed dietitians and chefs by fiscal year (Excel:11KB)
Table 2-9 Number of meal service facilities by type of facility and with/without dietitian, by fiscal year (Excel:13KB)
Table 2-10 Number of HIV carriers and AIDS patients newly reported by nationality, transmission route,sex and transmission site (Excel:12KB)
Table 2-11 Accumulated total of HIV carriers and AIDS patients at the end of 2020 by nationality, sex and transmission route (Excel:11KB)
Table 2-12 Status of infectious disease incidences by sex and type (Excel:19KB)
Table 2-13 Number of newly registered tuberculosis patients by patient classification and age group (Excel:12KB)
Table 2-14 Number of deaths and death rates (per 100,000 population) from tuberculosis by year (Excel:15KB)
Table 2-15 Number of reproductive sterilization by age group, by year (Excel:12KB)
Table 2-16 Number and percentage of induced abortion by age group, by year (Excel:13KB)
Table 2-17 Number of maternal deaths and maternal mortality rates (per 100,000 total births) by cause of death (Excel:13KB)
Table 2-18 Maternal mortality rates in foreign countries by year (Excel:12KB)
Table 2-19 Major activities of public health centers (Excel:20KB)
Table 2-20 Number of full-time workers in public health centers by occupation (Excel:11KB)
Table 2-21 Number of persons with specific (intractable) disease healthcare certificate by disease (Excel:20KB)
Table 2-22 Issues of healthcare handbook for atomic bomb survivors by prefecture (Excel:16KB)

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