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May 21, 2012

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“Proposals for G20 Leaders” put forward by
the G20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting

The “G20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting” was held in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 17 to 18 May 2012. Senior Vice Minister for Health, Labour and Welfare, Ms. Chinami Nishimura attended the meeting on behalf of the Japanese government.

In the Meeting, changes in the employment situation and best practices of employment measures were shared among countries, and proposals for G20 Leaders were put together. The proposals are planned to be submitted to the next G20 Leaders’ Summit (scheduled to take place in Mexico (Los Cabos) in June 2012).

During the Meeting, Senior Vice Ministers held bilateral meetings with representatives of respective countries and organizations to deepen their relations at the ministerial level, and agreed on the necessity of having policy dialogues on an ongoing basis.


<Points of the “Proposals for G20 Leaders”>

· Policies are pursued, on the basis of the facts that the economic growth should be based on quality employment, measures should be taken for youth and other vulnerable groups, and green growth is a source of job creation, decent work, and requires policies to facilitate the acquisition of new skills.

· Cooperation between G20 Finance and Labour and Employment Ministers is strengthened, from the viewpoint that policy coherence between growth and employment, and economic and employment policies, is important.

· Attention is paid to the work accomplished by the G20 Task Force on Employment, with respect to, such as, the sharing of best practices. The period for which the task force is set up is extended for another year.

· The importance of dialogue between management and labor is recognized.



· The agenda and summary of the Conclusions of G20 Labour and Employment Ministers Meeting in 2012