Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Human Resources Development Bureau

Working toward the development of human resources for the next generation

In order for Japan to build a lively and affluent society in the midst of rapid changes in industrial structure brought about by the arrival of the information age and the progress of technological innovation, it is essential to train highly creative persons who shoulder the next generation.

Promotion of Human Resources Development Bureau for high value added business operation

With the Japanese economic society facing a rapid change in industrial structure, it has become an important task to train personnel who are capable of adding high value to industry or developing a new area of business.
In view of such a need, University of Professional Ability Development is to be established in regional blocs across the country from fiscal 1999 to 2001 in order to give a higher level of professional training in addition to College of Professional Ability Development where professional training is currently conducted.

Support for workers' voluntary development of their abilities

With the awareness of workers and companies undergoing a change in recent years, it has become more important for workers to voluntarily develop their professional abilities.
Support of various kinds, especially in respect of time, expenses and information, is being offered to workers through business owners or directly.
In December 1998, "Training and education benefits system" was established to directly help workers with the expenses incurred in the education and training they have voluntarily received.

Promotion of white-collar workers' professional ability development

White-collar workers are now required to have highly professional abilities so that they can keep up with changes in what their work involves.
Practical research and development, a model education and training course, information service, counseling and support services are conducted at "Lifelong Professional Ability Development Promotion Center (Ability Garden)," which was opened as a base for development of white-collar workers' professional abilities.
"Professional Ability Acquisition system" (business career system) is also in operation to help white-collar workers acquire their professional expertise and abilities step by step by step and in a systematic way.

Training of capable technicians to support industrial base

For Japan's economic development, it has become a pressing need to train personnel who play a leading role in "making things," which forms the basis of industry. The Human Resources Development Bureau is pushing ahead with a " project to promote the utilization of highly skilled techniques" to support the use and succession of excellent skills. To improve the social and economic status of technicians, the department is also taking various steps to foster a tendency to respect techniques by promoting occupational ability certification tests and holding competitions for technicians, including those contested on a national level and the International Vocational Training Competition.