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The vaccination certificate is issued to those who need to present it at international travel occasions. For other purposes, please utilize “Certificate of vaccination for COVID-19” or “Record of Vaccination for COVID-19” which is issued when vaccinated.

Vaccination certificate of COVID-19 is issued as official proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon receipt of applications from those who are vaccinated at each municipality under the Japanese Vaccination Law.
The vaccination certificate is issued and available in paper format for the time being. Digitization of the vaccination certificate is currently under consideration, while monitoring closely the development of international discussions on digital 2-D barcode specifications.

Please note

・Taking COVID-19 vaccine is left to the discretion of individuals. Issue of the vaccination certificates itself does not influence each individual’s choice to be vaccinated.
・Not possessing the vaccination certificate does not restrict international travel.
・Please make an application for the vaccination certificate only when you are traveling to a country or region where quarantine measures are relaxed by presenting the certificate.
・Possessing the vaccination certificate does not guarantee quarantine-free travels nor relaxed restrictions around the world.
The latest information on countries and regions which allow the use of the vaccination certificate is updated on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (Japanese version only).
・Quarantine measures for travelers entering Japan are not relaxed by presenting the vaccination certificate as of July 2021.

For more information about quarantine measures upon arrival in Japan, please refer to the webpage of "Border Control Measures".


Application and Issuance

Eligible persons

The Vaccination Certificate of COVID-19 will be issued to persons who fulfill both of the following conditions.
(1)Those who are vaccinated against COVID-19 under the Japanese Vaccination Law.
※e.g. Vaccinations for priority group such as medical personnel; vaccinations at workplaces; regular vaccinations (vaccinations using vaccination voucher issued by municipalities.
(2)Those who are travelling to the countries or regions where quarantine measures are relaxed by presenting the vaccination certificates.

【Non-eligible persons (example) 】
・Those who intend to use the certificate for purposes other than overseas-travel.
・Those who received vaccinations outside Japan (not vaccinated under the Japanese Vaccination Law).

Where to apply

The municipality which issued the vaccination vouchers for your vaccination (usually city, town, or village of your residential registration). If you are vaccinated using vouchers issued by different municipalities for the first and second vaccination, please apply to each municipality for each dose (in case such as you moved to a different municipality after the first dose.).

Necessary documents for application

(1) Application form *1
(2) Valid passport for your travel *2
(3) "Pre-vaccination screening only" part of the vaccination voucher*3
(4) “Certificate of vaccination for COVID-19” or “Record of Vaccination for COVID-19” which you received after vaccination *4 
※Note: Other documents may be required in some cases. For details, please check the website of your municipality.

*1 The application form are prepared by each municipality.
*2 The passport number on the vaccination certificate and the number on the passport which you will be using for your travel must be the same. If your passport number is changed after the vaccination certificate is issued, please apply for a new certificate with a new passport number. If your passport is in the process of application, please apply for the vaccination certificate after the new passport is issued. Foreign nationals may use passports issued by foreign governments for the applications.
*3 If you do not have document (3), you need to present a document that includes your own “Individual Number” issued by the Government of Japan such as a copy of your residential registration document with your Individual Number. If you are unable to present a document which includes your Individual Number, you may use your personal identification document which includes your address where you resided at the timing of vaccination.
The "Pre-vaccination screening only" part refers to the following part.

*4 If you lose document (4), you may use a copy of “Pre-vaccination Screening Questionnaire for COVID-19 vaccine”.

Information included in the Vaccination Certificate

The vaccination certificates contain information about vaccinated person (name, date of birth, etc.), record of vaccination against COVID-19 (type of vaccine, date of vaccination, etc.), and passport number, etc. for the use of international travel. This information will be written in both Japanese and English. Anti-counterfeiting measures are used to the vaccination certificate.


For more information about the procedures of issuing the vaccination certificates, please contact or check the information of the municipality where you apply. If you have general questions about the vaccination certificates, please contact below.
【Ministry of Health Labour, and Welfare Call Center for COVID-19 vaccines】

Supported languages and Open hours (Everyday including weekends and holidays):
-English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish: 9:00-21:00 -Thai: 9:00-18:00
-Vietnamese: 10:00-19:00
*Interpreters for each language will support you during the call. Please inform the operator in which language you wish to speak
*Please take notice that this service cannot provide medical advice such as diagnosis
*For domestic calls only


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