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Systems for Simplified and Expedited Systems of Import Procedures of Food and Related Items

Name System
Advance Notification System For all food and related products, the import notification form can be submitted starting 7 days before the estimated date of cargo's arrival. Except for the cargo that needs an inspection, a copy of certificate of notification is issued immediately, either before the arrival of cargo or after the cargo is unloaded to the bonded area.
Planned Import system If a certain food or related item is planed to be imported repeatedly, an import plan can be submitted at the time of the first import. When the plan is found satisfactory, the submission of import notification is exempted for a certain period.
Inspection Results by official Inspection Organizations in Other Countries When a cargo is inspected by a official inspection organization in the exporting country prior to the export, and a report of the result from the inspection is attached to the cargo, the inspection at the quarantine station for the cargo may be exempted. Inspection items whose results are subject to change during transportation (bacteria, mycotoxin, etc.) are excluded.(To Specifications and Standards for Food, Food Additives, etc. of JETRO Home Page(? JETRO's Home Page on Information of Food and Additive Regulations and Standards:
Continuous Import of Same Items When certain foods and related products are imported repeatedly and inspection results are attached to the import notification form at the initial import, if document examination founds no problem, inspection can be exempted in the upcoming occasions of import for a certain period.
Advance Approval of Imported Foods and related Products When the imported foods, etc. is confirmed to be compliance with the Food Sanitation Law, the items and the manufacturers may be registered. Inspection at the upcoming import is exempted for these items for a certain period of time and the certificate of notification is issued immediately after the submission of import notification.

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