Schedule 1
Food group Category of items inspected* Number of specimens
Total number of
specimens inspected
Livestock foods
Beef, pork, chicken, horse meat, poultry meat, and other meats
Antibiotics 2,213 4,548
Residual agricultural chemicals 1,678
Standards for constituents 657
Processed livestock foods
Natural cheeses, processed meat products, ice cream, frozen products (meat products), and other products
Antibiotics 1,490 4,970
Residual agricultural chemicals 532
Additives 1,128
Standards for constituents 1,820
Seafood products
Bivalves, fish, shellfish (shrimps and prawns, crabs) and other products
Antibiotics 3,527 5,488
Residual agricultural chemicals 831
Additives 235
Standards for constituents 895
Processed seafood
Processed fish products (fillet, dried or minced fish, etc.), frozen products (aquatic animals and fish), processed fish roe products, and other products
Antibiotics 3,286 10,687
Residual agricultural chemicals 1,729
Additives 1,787
Standards for constituents 3,885
Agricultural foods
Vegetables, fruit, wheat and barley, corn, beans, peanuts, nuts, seeds, and other products
Antibiotics 741 24,413
Residual agricultural chemicals 18,367
Additives 598
Standards for constituents 1,243
Mycotoxins 2,210
GMO 1,254
Processed agricultural foods
Frozen products (processed vegetables), processed vegetable products, processed fruit products, spices, instant noodles, and other products
Residual agricultural chemicals 6,571 15,649
Additives 4,204
Standards for constituents 2,119
Mycotoxins 2,238
GMO 207
Irradiation 310
Other foods
Health foods, soups, flavorings and seasonings, sweets, edible oils and fat, frozen products, and other products
Antibiotics 299 4,870
Residual agricultural chemicals 238
Additives 3,078
Standards for constituents 657
Mycotoxins 598
Drinks and beverages
Mineral water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and other products
Residual agricultural chemicals 299 2,392
Additives 897
Standards for constituents 897
Mycotoxins 299
Equipment, containers and packages
Standards for constituents 1,792 1,792
Foods subject to enhanced inspection Antibiotics, residual agricultural chemicals, additives, standards for constituents, mycotoxins, GMO, and irradiation 5,000 5,000
Overall total     79,809

*: Specific examples in the inspection categories

- Antibiotics: antibiotics, antibacterial material residues, hormone preparations, feed additives, and others

- Residual agricultural chemicals: organophosphorus, organochlorines, carbamates, pyrethroids, and others

- Additives: sorbic acid, benzoic acid, sulfur dioxide, colorants, polysorbate, sodium cyclamate, TBHQ (tert-Butylhydroquinone), fungicide, and others

- Standards for constituents: items defined in the standards for constituents (such as the number of bacteria, coliform bacteria, and Vibrio parahaemolyticus), pathogenic microorganisms (such as enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157, and listeria), shellfish poisons (diarrhetic shellfish poisons, paralytic shellfish poisons), fungicide of disposable chopsticks, and others

- Mycotoxins: aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, patulin, and others

- GMO: Genetically modified organisms whose safety has not yet been certified

- Irradiation: Presence or absence of irradiated foods

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