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** Positive List System for Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods **

Introduction of the Positive List System for Agricultural Chemical Residues in Foods

Sei-Shoku No. 1226005, December 26, 2017 

Sei-Shoku No. 1226006, December 26, 2017 

<Analytical Methods>

MHW Notification No. 370 (Specifications and Standards for Foods, Food Additives, etc.), 1959" and briefing paper of MHLW

Syoku-An No.0124001, January 24, 2005 (Analytical Methods fo Residual Compositional Substances of Agricultural Chemicals, Feed Additives,and Veterinary Drugs in Food)

Chapter I General Rules

  1. Terminology (PDF:112KB)
  2. Instruments (PDF:95KB)
  3. Reagents (PDF:101KB)
     Attachment of regents (PDF:249KB)
  4. Samples (PDF:107KB)
  5. Explanatory notes for analysis (PDF:109KB)

Chapter II Multiresidue Method

Chapter III Group and Single Method

✧Guidelines for the validation of analytical methods for testing agricultural chemicals in food (PDF:293KB)

<MHLW Notifications (November 29, 2005)>
<Revised Specifications and Standards (May 29, 2006~)>
  The MRLs List is partially revised from the existing list to implement the Positive List System on May 29, 2006. Most of the MRLs appearing in the list are already effective.  The Provisional MRLs List contains MRLs which have been newly established to implement the system. From the given date, both lists will be applied.
  MRLs appearing in the Provisional MRLs List have been provisionally established without passing through the full legal procedure due to time restrictions and to enable the smooth implementation of the new system. Specifically, concerning the setting of these MRLs, the Food Safety Commission in the Cabinet Office has not carried out safety assessment, which is required by the Food Safety Basic law.  After the assessment is completed, Provisional MRLs will be reviewed and revised ones be placed in the MRLs List.

<Director Notice concerning Implementation (November 29, 2005)>

<Drafts of MRLs>

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