Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Products Recall: Aqli Foods Co. recalls frozen foods contaminated with Malathion
As of 15th January 2014



On 29th December 2013, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan was informed by the local government (Gunma prefecture) of the following;

There were complaints about an abnormal smell in the frozen food products which were manufactured by Aqli Foods Co. plant in Gunma prefecture and Malathion was detected in the 9 products with the maximum concentration of 15,000ppm.
The manufacturer announced to recall the relevant products. (Please find the list of the products subject to recall in the following URL.  (only in Japanese))


Based on the information from the local governments, 2572 people with symptoms had been reported as of 14th January 2014, but no cases were reported in which Malathion was detected from the products consumed by those people so far.


How the products have been contaminated with Malathion is still unknown and it is under investigation by the relevant authorities including the police.


With regard to the exportation, it is confirmed that the manufacturer has not exported the implicated products outside of Japan.



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