Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Labour Standards

Policy Information

・Technical Cooperation on Occupational Safety and Health(English PDF:2,468KB)(Japanese PDF:3,144KB) 

・Outline of the overseas inspection and examination agency system(PDF:41KB) 

・Points of regulation difference between domestic agencies and overseas agencies(PDF:102KB) 

・Outline of Regulations of Machines, etc. Based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act(PDF:60KB) 

・Points of difference between overseas inspection and examination agency system and inspections and examinations utilizing designated overseas inspection agencies(PDF:90KB) 

・Revised Labour Standards Act [English] [Japanese]

Occupational Biliary Tract Cancer Cases in Japan 

・Result of review at the "review meeting on occupational /non-occupational ionizing radiation disease" and approval as occupational disease/injury (PDF:110KB)  

・Outline of the Act for Partial Revision of the Industrial Safety and Health Act (PDF:173KB)  

・Outline of the “Act on the Arrangement of Related Acts to Promote Work Style Reform” (Act No. 71 of 2018) (PDF:382KB)

Labour Standards Information

For Foreign Workers in Japan ( Information on Labour Standards )

Pamphlet “Are Your Working Condition Fair ?”
- English <English> (PDF:2,695KB)
- Spanish <Español> (PDF:2,326KB)
- Portuguese <Português> (PDF:2,209KB)
- Chinese <中国> (PDF:1,336KB)
- Hangul <??> (PDF:1,961KB)
- Tagalong <Tagalog> (PDF:2,114KB)
- Japanese <日本語> (PDF:1,538KB)
The 13th Occupational Safety & Health Program
-English<English> (PDF:481KB) 
Leaflets on Occupational Safety and Health
・Combat Heartstroke at work -English<English> (PDF:351KB) 
Pamphlet"Introduction to Procedures to enroll in Labour Insurance"
- English<English> (PDF:5,277KB)
- Chinese <中国> (PDF:18,808KB)
Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance Application Guidance for Foreign Workers
- English <English> (PDF:483KB, PDF:3,173KB)
- Spanish <Espanol> (PDF:552KB, PDF:2,668KB)
- Portuguese <Português> (PDF:272KB, PDF:4,564KB)
- Chinese <中文> (PDF:260KB, PDF:3,125KB)
- Hangul <한국어> (PDF:342KB, PDF:3,269KB)
- Tagalong <Tagalog> (PDF:696KB, PDF:5,551KB)
- Vietnamese <Ting Vit> (PDF:638KB, PDF:1,711KB)
- Thai <ภาษาไท> (PDF:6,043KB, PDF:17,455KB)
- Indonesian <Bahasa> (PDF:460KB, PDF:1,522KB)
- Persian <فارسى> (PDF:486KB, PDF:3,687KB)
- Japanese <日本語> (PDF:576KB, PDF:3,092KB)


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