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29th March, 2017
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To the press

The 2nd Japan - India Medical Products Regulation Symposium to be held in Tokyo

“The 2nd Japan - India Medical Products Regulation Symposium” is to be held in Tokyo on 24th April, 2017 (Mon). In this symposium, following the first symposium held in New Delhi (India) in May last year, we will share the best practices in the regulation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in both India and Japan and discuss the international regulatory harmonization and cooperation. Through these activities, we aim to improve the level of regulatory systems in both countries as well as to facilitate the regulatory compliance by industries.

The organization of the symposium and the process for registration is as follows.

Ref: The result of the 1st Japan - India Medical Products Regulation Symposium (May 2016) – Japanese only but you can download the presentation slides in English at the bottom of the page.

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