Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions

1.Responsible agency:

Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions Office, Social Statistics Division, Statistics and Information Department, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
Tel: 81-3-5253-1111(ext7585)

2.Objective and Frequency:

The purpose of this survey is to research basic subjects of living conditions such as health, medical care, welfare, pension, income and to obtain basic data which have been required to the planning and management for the health, labour and welfare administration.

This survey started in 1986, thereafter have been conducted Large-scale survey every three years and Small-scale survey in each interim year of Large-scale survey year.

3.Survey Scope:

This survey covers households and household members in nationwide.

As for the Large-scale survey 2007, the Household questionnaire and Health questionnaire covered whole households(approximately 290 thousands households) and household members(approximately 760 thousands persons) in Japan who were randomly sampled in 5,440 districts from the National Census in 2005. Long-term care questionnaire covered persons requiring care (approximately 6 thousands persons) in 2,500 districts from above districts. Income questionnaire and Savings questionnaire covered whole households (approximately 40 thousands households) and household members (approximately 100 thousands persons) in 2,000 districts from former 5,440 districts.

Regarding the Small-scale survey 2008, the Household questionnaire covered whole households (approximately 58 thousands households) and household members in Japan who were randomly sampled in 1,088 districts from the National Census in 2005. Income questionnaire covered whole households (approximately 9 thousands households) and household members in 500 districts from former 1,088 districts.

4. Survey Items:

(a) Household questionnaire: One-person household, amount expenditure in May, relationship with householder, gender, age, spouse existence, health insurance, pension, child rearing, working status

(b) Health questionnaire: Subjective symptoms, outpatients, difficulties in daily life, perceived health status, worry or stress, mental health, health checkup

(c) Long-term care questionnaire : persons requiring care by gender and age, care-level, main causes of requiring care, utilization of home care service, caring time by main caregivers, care by household member or service providers

(d) Income questionnaire: Kind of income, amount of income, income tax, self-assessed living conditions

(e) Savings questionnaire: Amount of saving, Amount of debt, etc.

(Note: Household questionnaire and Income questionnaire are conducted every year, however Health questionnaire, Long-term care questionnaire and Savings questionnaire are conducted in the large-scale survey year only.)

5.Survey Method and Route:


(1) Explanation of symbols
Quantity zero 
Data not available or applicable
Category not applicable
Magnitude not zero, but less than half of the unit employed0 or 0.0

(2) The totals are not always equal to the sum of the parts, because the numbers are rounded off,

(3) As for Comprehensive Survey of Living Conditions 1995, it was not conducted in Hyogo Prefecture due to the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake, therefore data for 1995 exclude those of Hyogo Prefecture.

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